Chartplotters and cross-bearings

Radar fixes on known references are a backup means of finding your positions. Alternatively, you might find radar useful in arriving at some physical point. Full radar display is supported by: SeaClear II, Jeppesen/NobelTec AdmiralMaxSea (Commander*, Explorer*, Professional) and may be supported by any radar with a video output coupled with a chartplotter that accepts video input.

Other real-time navigational information, which some chartplotters accept,  include compass bearings  (support on P-Sea WindPlot II  Jeppesen/NobelTec Admiral, Tiki Navigator Pro) and wind gauges (available in SeaClear II, Global Navigation NavPak [all versions]. Tiki Navigator Pro)
Some chartplotters that allow a good deal of manual capability, including manual radar bearings, celestial navigation (Global Navigation NavPak [??]), or dead reckoning.