Chartplotters and Video Feeds

Some chartplotters can display a feed from a video camera. There are a wide range of applications for video, ranging from watching an unattended space such as engines, to underwater viewing of a net. Please remember that when the chartplotter is displaying video, unless it has a split-screen or picture-in-a-picture capability, it is not displaying the chart. If you need to look frequently at the video feed, it may be advisable to connect an additional monitor to your PC, or even to have a separate PC for managing video images.

Chartplotters that support general video input include (number of feeds):  NavPak Pro (1)

Remember that  if your chartplotter only supports one video feed, it may not be difficult to put a video switch in front of it, so you can switch from one source to another.

Depending on whether you use certain kinds of video switch, you may need a separate video capture card for each input, and a separate video output card for each physical display. When you have this kind of need, laptops probably do not have adequate flexibility; you will need a tower/desktop.