Beachwerks Spring Cleaning

Stabilizes your computer for all other functions

Scope of work depends with computer type and how well it was maintained

Create shortcuts for your marine applications and adjust cursor for best visibility in chartplotters

Cleaning can include

        Checking for old/missing drivers and install current version
Install needed security and reliability software
Exterminate malware (viruses, worms, and other computer germs)
Optimize disk (may involve additional procedures or hardware if disk is very full)

Establish baseline backup

Basic cost depends on disk size, scope of backup, and method of continuing backup

Scope can be:

User application data only
Full backup from which your complete environment could be restored onto another computer (note: revalidation of the Windows license key by Microsoft may be required)

Continuing backup strategies will be affected by physical availability of wireless backup, as well as customer preferences

If a wireless local area network ("WLAN hotspot") is availableat your anchorage, we can set up automatic backup and updates
If no WLAN is available, physical backup is needed
We can set up an exchange of thumb drives, external hard drives, CD-ROMs, or DVDs depending on the size of hackup and your preferences
We can do backups at your boat (travel time and service time apply)
We can back up your disk at our shop (service time applies)