Routine Backup and Tuning

Questions to ask myself

What would I do if I lost my stored tracks for this trip only?
If the computer caught on fire, how would I restore Windows, my applications, and my stored data?
Is the computer getting slower and the workload hasn't changed?

Routine maintenance

Just because it's electronic doesn't mean it doesn't need maintenance
Your disk often gets clogged, and slows down, from temporary files that aren't deleted by the system
Windows internal files can get slow, or completely corrupted
Is there any sensitive data I don't want to keep on the computer? Did I ever make a credit card order on it?


Different strategies

Take a complete backup and then add increments to it
Take a complete backup each time, rotating among backup files/media
Back up all data on the machine and store incremental data. I can always reinstall the applications from their disks.

Different ways to take the backup ( this space for new techniques...)

Bring the computer to Beachwerks
Back up the computer to an external disk at home
Back up the computer, via a home broadband network, to a Beachwerks facility
Save incremental data on a thumb-sized USB "memory stick" and exchange with Beachwerks, with masters updated at the backup site
Use a wireless network at the pier to send updates to Beachwerks