Video Displays

Flat-panel (liquid crystal display or LCD) are the only reasonable choice

Cathode-ray tube (CRT), much like a TV picture tube or old radar display, are delicate, awkwardly shaped, take more space, and need dangerously high voltages. Breaking the tube can cause a violent implosion spraying glass everywhere.  

You can get protective covers at moderate cost, and immersible displays at high cost. Weatherized displays, such as those designed for medical use where they need to be disinfected, may be an intermediate cost choice.

Viewing Angle is Important for Use

Laptops are limited in how you can position the display.  Laptops also take up dashboard space.  Even if you use a laptop, we recommend connecting it to a larger flat-panel display that can be positioned in the best viewing position, or pushed against the overhead/bulkhead when you don't need it.

We can build or obtain custom mounting for screens
, such that they can fold out of your way, swivel against the bulkhead, or be brought close to your eyes, as you prefer.


There's no one answer. Larger screen sizes allow zooming the display, which may be important with complex displays and aging eyes.  Regardless of screen size, all modern displays take the same computer interface

Special Displays?

You can have more than one screen, of different sizes, if that is useful. Generally, this is not a feasible choice with a laptop, but you can put additional video cards into a tower/desktop.
We can get protective screens for dedicated displays, such as radars
A single screen, usually a large one, can be split into different areas for different displays, if your software allows such operation.

Getting rid of the keyboard

Touch-sensitive screens are available, which are great for applications where you only need to use a few keys or buttons

Respecting your visual needs

Can the display be dimmed, or emphasize red light, to preserve your night vision?
Is it bright enough to see during the day? The answer here may be a combination of the monitor itself, a viewing screen, and a custom mount.

Hard Copy needs?

We can help you find a printer that has the necessary water-resistant ink. Wet charts with flowing ink may be pretty, but not very useful.