About Us

We Speak Fisherman

Beachwerks keeps your software running, from the computer systems running chartplotters and Vessel Monitoring Systems  (VMS), to the complex interactions of boat computers and sensors. We make the pieces work reliably together,  a different mission from very needed role of installing and repairing the electronics. We have people who understand  what happens at sea, rather than to white shirts and pocket protectors.

We complement marine electronics dealers and installers, by specializing in the computer and network mysteries that support them. Our founders, respectively, have years of experience in commercial fishing and in computer networking.

Beachwerks is based in the fishing village of Chatham, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. We are minutes from local piers, and we know that some problems need to be fixed right now, regardless of the time.  If your VMS is down and you are fishing for a monitored species, we know that you can't go out until it's fixed.

Of course, we'd rather design and tune your sysetm so the VMS doesn't fail, or has an immediate backup if it does fail!