We Want You to Control the Computerized Electronics, not Vice Versa

The Internet can be vicious.                                                               
Have you protected your computer?

People-Related Questions       Boat-Related Questions                    

Does the equipment fit into the limited space

In the wheelhouse?

Power demands

How much power does a device consume?
In protected spaces elsewhere aboard? Can you combine functions to reduce power demand?
Should critical components have uninterruptible power supplies?

Can it be used in a heavy sea?

While wearing gloves?

Sensitivity to electronic interference

If you have a desktop or tower in the cabin or other protected space, keep it away from motors and generators.

Does it need extensive typing, or can it be controlled with a few buttons and a pointing device (e.g., trackball or mouse)? Environmental requirements for the keyboard, display, and pointing device? Do all components need to be exposed? 

Are the displays readable?

With settings not to ruin night vision? Are the exposed components weather-tolerant? Display covers can help for spray, but not immersion. Displays that can be submerged are available but expensive.
  In bright sun? Laptop vs. Desktop? Laptop is more expensive but easier to take home. Very hard to repair or expand. Protective covers are available.
   We generally recommend a desktop/tower enclosure in the cabin or behind the dash, with cables run to exposed human interfaces.

Is the system easy to use?

Are the main commands easy to use?
Do you need someone to dig through the manuals, extract just what is important to you, and explain it?