Key Records: Tracks, Logs & Forms

Your personal fishing records

Modern chartplotters store your tracks on the PC’s hard disk drive

Some allow you to make notes on the track files

WindPlot II can automatically store a running backup on a pocket-sized USB flash memory stick

Others may let you store displays from radar, echo sounders, etc.

    May give snapshots of displays but not necessarily sequence of waypoints

These  track files are similar to your traditional notebook

How much is your notebook of good fishing spots worth to you?

If your PC crashed, do you have the tracks saved somewhere else?

Beachwerks can set up backup schemes so you still have your track information even if the PC fell overboard!

Required recordkeeping

Catch records

Automated, remotely-accessible implemented in Europe 

Experimental tools can let you store displays from radar, echo sounders, etc.

Now various proprietary software on VMS or freestanding computer
Experiments underway with official tool based on UNH Notebook